The Best Bolt on Performance Upgrades for Late Model Porsches

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  • The Most Powerful IPD Turbo Y-Pipe Available Now

    After considerable R & D the IPD 991 Turbo Y-Pipe has proven itself to be an incredible performance upgrade for the latest Porsche Turbo. Extensive testing and multiple prototypes have yielded a final design that delivers substantial power and torque gains for both stock and highly modified 991 Turbos. IPD’s latest Y-Pipe includes air flow improvement features previously found in Read More
  • The New 991 Turbo / S Plenum

    The 991 Porsche Turbo is a completely redesigned model but the engine is relatively identical to 997.2 Turbo. This latest generation Turbo engine, titled the 9A1, delivers 520 HP (560 HP with the "S") and once again, raises the proverbial performance bar in the sports car world. Porsche retained the VTG turbos as well as the 3.8 liter displacement from Read More
  • Real World Test of the 997.2 Turbo IPD Y-Pipe

    We recently had the opportunity to test the IPD Y-Pipe on a customer's 997.2 Turbo who was participating at the recent Shift S3ctor event located at the Coalinga Municipal Airport. This is an old fashion "rung what you brung" head to head straight up racing event held on a ½ mile air strip. This is a great test bed for any Read More
  • IPD Y-Pipe for the 991 Turbo

    IPD has just acquired a brand new 991 Turbo S for continued product development. The IPD Plenum for the 991 Turbo has already been available for a few months and has received universal praise for it's performance improvements over the already physics defying new Turbo. Click here to learn more about the 991 Turbo Plenum.  The 991 Turbo Y-Pipe is Read More
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