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987.1 Cayman S (3.4L) IPD Plenum for OE 74mm TB

987.1 Cayman S (3.4L) IPD Plenum for OE 74mm TB
Brand: Innovative Pro Design
Product Code: 987.1 Cayman S (3.4L) IPD Plenum for OE 74mm TB
Availability: In Stock
Price: $795.00

The 74mm Cayman S Plenum utilizes the factory 74mm throttle body. This version provides impressive power gains throughout the entire power band, especially in the midrange where it's most critical and most enjoyed.

The 74mm Cayman S Plenum application is recommended for Cayman S enthusiasts looking for considerable performance gains without pushing the performance envelope. Max horsepower is 14 and max torque is 12 which all comes in around 5600 RPM. Power gains are realized throughout the entire power band without any loses in power.

The IPD Cayman S Plenum will provides the most impressive power gains of any engine upgrade available and will truly transform your Cayman driving experience. The 74mm IPD Plenum is the best Cayman modification on the market and will further compliment other mods such as exhaust, software and beyond.