The Best Bolt on Performance Upgrades for Late Model Porsches

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Porsche-Experience-Center-03 thumbPorsche is scheduled to open a 53 acre world-class test track and handling course in the fall of 2013. The latest Porsche Experience Center (PEC) will be located in Carson, California positioning the PEC right in the center of it's top markets (Los Angeles and Orange County). This will be the fifth Porsche Experience Center in the world, including the original Porsche Experience Center located at the Silverstone Circuit in the UK as well as Centers in Leipzig, Germany, Shanghai, China and Atlanta, Georgia.

Porsche Experience Center will service its customer sports programs at the new facility which will also include personal fitness training programs that focus on sports conditioning for Porsche racecar drivers and athletes. Porsche Motorsports North America (PMNA) will also be migrating 25 miles north from Santa Ana, CA to be part of the new Center. This should allow PMNA to expand it's operations and better service it's racing clientele.

Porsche-Experience-Center-01 thumbThe new Center will have special driving surfaces that replicate rain, ice and snow. These driver's training sections include the Ice Hill, where a steep slope, computer-controlled water jets, and a low-friction surface will challenge all level of experienced drivers and help them improve their real-world driving skills. Plus a special off-road area that combines 45-degree declines and ascents for Cayenne and other off-road worthy Porsche vehicles.

Porsche Cars North America made the statement. "The center will offer programs focused on maximizing personal fitness, wellness and athletic performance. This unique facility, the Porsche Human Performance Center, will feature a leading sports science laboratory and training programs, incorporating the latest techniques used in preparing Porsche racecar drivers."

"Our future home will offer us the space needed to expand our operations from engine and transmission building, parts supply and race support to developing our vintage racing services to the many owners of Porsche's historic racecars in this country," said Jens Walther, president of Porsche Motorsport North America in a statement.

Porsche-Experience-Center-02 thumb"Helping enthusiasts feel and connect with their vehicle's full potential through intelligent engineering has always been a part of the Porsche philosophy," said Detlev von Platen, President and CEO of Porsche Cars North America. "Now, we are excited to turn dreams into reality for all driving enthusiasts by creating a safe, exhilarating environment for experiencing the pleasure of being in the driver's seat."

Given the Porsche Experience Center's extensive lineup of facilities and programs, finding the perfect mix of education and enjoyment won't be difficult, no matter the individual's skill or interest level. The centerpiece of the complex will be a world-class test track and handling course, including areas where special surfaces replicate rain, ice, and snow conditions.

"Our mission is to help everyone who loves automobiles and car culture to experience the pure joy, the art, and the science of driving," said James Taylor, general manager, Porsche Experience Center. "Whether you want to experience the latest Porsche models like the new seventh-generation Porsche 911, upgrade your personal performance as a racer or athlete, or host a car club event or a product launch, we look forward to working with customers to create a memorable program.