The Best Bolt on Performance Upgrades for Late Model Porsches

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flag globe illustration gryIPD is looking to expand it's product line into new and unrealized markets outside North America. A few international territories have already been successfully establish, some with exclusive agreements in place, but there are still many untapped markets and opportunities where IPD partners and dealers are needed.

The IPD Plenum is the absolute single best bolt-on performance part that you can possibly install on a late model Porsche, whether it be stock or fully modified. The Plenums delivers more power per dollar than any other performance mod on the market, have a 100% money back guarantee, come with very profitable margins and are sure to put a big smile on everyone of your customer's faces.


IPD has worked hard to develop a phenomenal performance product that is backed with integrity and a highly respected reputation in the Porsche community. We are looking for like minded Porsche focused facilities who share our same philosophies and passion for Porsches with their own dedicated and loyal customer base.

IPD Plenums belong on virtually all late model Porsches so the sales potential in these unrealized markets will no doubt prove to be substantial. IPD is already well represented in the US, Canada, Germany and the UK but there are many unexplored markets waiting for IPD Plenums.

Please contact Greg at the e-mail address below to discuss details regarding becoming an IPD affiliate partner or IPD dealer in your country.

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Greg Martin

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