The Best Bolt on Performance Upgrades for Late Model Porsches

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986-Boxster-S-01 enews thumbThe 986 Boxster marked Porsche's return to a purpose built 2 seat roadster since the famed 550 Spyder. This liberating open cockpit platform delivers a great Porsche driving experience but can the IPD Plenum and larger TB transform the Boxster driving experience enough to satisfy hardcore Porsche driving enthusiasts?

The canyon carving Boxster experience can only be further heightened by adding improved performance. The Boxster engines have been purposely de-tuned from the factory to prevent the niche car from trespassing on Carrera territory. Engine output has been successfully controlled by choking the air inlet track. Even though the 986 Boxster S has a 3.2L displacement engine it came equipped from the factory with a very restrictive 68mm throttle body. Meanwhile the slightly larger 3.4L Carrera engines were utilizing a 74mm TB.


986 3 2 Boxster S Dyno 01 86174-3 enews thumbThe bulk of the power gains come from the patented Plenum merge design but when combined with larger TB's performance gains are even more impressive. The test car here already had after-market performance upgrades (exhaust and air filters) so power gains above stock levels were already being realized. Most of our dyno tests are conducted on stock vehicles. The IPD Plenum and larger 74mm TB not only delivered substantial power and torque gains, it does so above both HP and Torque baseline curves from launch to redline.

Horsepower gains were 15 at the wheels at approximately 4400 and 6000 RPM while torque unusually exceeded HP at 17 foot pounds at the wheels at approximately 4400 RPM. In a lightweight chassis this translate into seat of your pants performance improvement. We've had nothing but rave reviews from all of our 986 customers and guarantee that the IPD Plenum is the absolute single best performance mod you can possibly install on a Porsche Boxster.

987-986A thumbThe 3.2 liter 986 Boxster S IPD Plenum provides impressive power gains throughout the entire power band, especially in the midrange where we enjoy it most. The 74mm Boxster S IPD Plenum and upgraded 74mm (from 68mm) throttle body package is a must for all Boxster S driving enthusiasts looking for considerable performance gains. Performance gains can be felt throughout the entire power band elevating the Boxster driving experience to an even higher level guaranteed to satisfy even the most demanding Boxster driving enthusiasts.



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