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997 2 Turbo Dyno Test smWe were recently "called out" on one of the more popular Porsche forums regarding our performance claims by another IPD Plenum non-believer. Of course we always try to find an active and well respected forum member / volunteer who is local and willing to donate his car and time towards the cause. Thankfully we are in Southern California so there's no shortage of performance minded Porsche owners interested in making their Porsches even faster.

997 2 Turbo S Dyno Graph smWe always require that all owners remain present during the dyno test sessions to further substantiate and verify our performance claims. Of course we are placing our proverbial heads in the guillotine when we agree to an impromptu public scrutinizing like this but we feel any and all manufactures should always agree to public validation tests if they truly stand behind their product and claims.

997 2 Turbo Plenum vs OEM Intake smThe Turbo remained strapped to the dyno in between all sessions and during the IPD Plenum installation for a true apples and apples comparison. This was a very strong bone stock 997.2 Turbo S that laid down some very exceptional baseline numbers that are 20-25 HP stronger than a typical stock 997.2 Turbo S. All dyno pulls were performed with Sport Plus mode switched on. Temps were slightly warmer during the IPD Plenum pulls. Customer was present during entire test session.

997 2 Turbo S Dyno at GIAC smIn the end the IPD 997.2 Turbo Plenum delivered the claimed 30 wheel HP and 35 foot pounds of torque. But more importantly, the car owner was impressed with the improved performance and said that he could feel a substantial increase in power, quicker acceleration and improved boost response. Another independent customer dyno tested his 997.2 Turbo IPD Plenum and posted a claimed 38 wheel HP and 42 foot pounds of torque.