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Longboarder949We recently had the opportunity to test the IPD Y-Pipe on a customer's 997.2 Turbo who was participating at the recent Shift S3ctor event located at the Coalinga Municipal Airport. This is an old fashion "rung what you brung" head to head straight up racing event held on a ½ mile air strip. This is a great test bed for any performance product since it's easy to replicate runs in similar conditions helping establish consistency between runs. It's also nice to have a very knowledgeable customer who understands evaluating performance gains/loses and is very methodical about testing protocol and procedures.

Dyno tests of the IPD Y-Pipes have always shown gains of 15-20 horsepower at the wheels but how does that translate into lap times, top speed, elapse times and advantages over your competition. Well as most of you should know, it's difficult to feel or even quantify 15-20 HP while driving a car, especially one with over 500 HP. We can't say with any certainty what the exact HP and torque gains from the IPD Turbo Y-Pipe were on this particular day but we can definitely "see" the advantages of the Y-Pipe in the form of faster trap speeds, ET's, new records and customer testimonial. And keep in mind that it's considerably more challenging and requires substantially more power to achieve an extra 3 mph at 160 than it does at 100.

We'd like to extend our sincerest gratitude to Longboarder for putting our 997.2 Turbo Y-Pipe through it's paces with a very busy and productive day at the air strip. Congratulations again on your record setting runs and good old fashion beat down on the competition.

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