The Best Bolt on Performance Upgrades for Late Model Porsches

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981 Cayman / Boxster Dyno Test

981S-PDK-Dyno-Graph-01 smDeveloping added power and torque with the 981 has proven to be a formidable challenge with all Porsche tuners. IPD has invested countless hours in R & D with the new 981 Plenum in an effort to extract as much performance as possible from the new intake system.

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986 Boxster S Dyno Test

986-Boxster-S-01 enews thumbThe 986 Boxster marked Porsche's return to a purpose built 2 seat roadster since the famed 550 Spyder. This liberating open cockpit platform delivers a great Porsche driving experience but can the IPD Plenum and larger TB transform the Boxster driving experience enough to satisfy hardcore Porsche driving enthusiasts?

The canyon carving Boxster experience can only be further heightened by adding improved performance. The Boxster engines have been purposely de-tuned from the factory to prevent the niche car from trespassing on Carrera territory. Engine output has been successfully controlled by choking the air inlet track. Even though the 986 Boxster S has a 3.2L displacement engine it came equipped from the factory with a very restrictive 68mm throttle body. Meanwhile the slightly larger 3.4L Carrera engines were utilizing a 74mm TB.

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Cayman R and IPD 82mm Competition Plenum

987 2 Cayman R 01 thumbThe new Cayman R elevates the already impressive performance of the Cayman S, but the addition of the new 82mm IPD Plenum and throttle body give the R even more power and torque, making for an even more visceral Porsche driving experience. Although the R produces only 10 more power than the S, Porsche raised the performance envelope by improving the critical power to weight ratio and implementing driving enthusiast components. These performance upgrades included lightweight aluminum doors, carbon seats, lighter wheels, tuned suspension, and LSD.


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