The Best Bolt on Performance Upgrades for Late Model Porsches

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IPD Carrera Plenums - Elevating Carrera Flat 6 Performance to the Next Level Since 1999

Carrera Power 02Explore the power and performance of all the IPD Carrera Plenums from 996 to 991.2

All IPD Plenums deliver substantial performance gains guaranteed to elevate the driving excitement of any Porsche, but the Carrera Plenums substantially improve engine power and torque across both power bands, especially in the mid-range. The superior and patented design of the IPD “Y” Plenums are the single best bolt-on engine upgrade you can possibly install on a late-model Carrera, whether it be stock or heavily modified. Here are all the Porsche Carrera Plenums from 996 to 991.2.

 996 Carrera 1999
996 Carrera “Cable” Plenum (74mm Only)

1999 Cable Throttle Body Carrera Plenum will take the first 996 to a higher level
28 WHP / 26 Wheel Torque

996 Carrera
996 Carrera E-Gas Plenum (74mm & 82mm)

2000-2004 Carrera Plenums deliver big performance gains across both power bands
24-30 WHP / 22-28 Wheel Torque

997 1 Carrera
997.1 Carrera (74mm & 82mm)

2005-2009 Carrera Plenums deliver quantifiable real-world power and torque gains
24-30 WHP / 22-28 Wheel Torque

997 2 Carrera
997.2 Carrera (82mm Only)

2010-2012 Carrera Plenums provide power and torque gains from launch to redline
15-18 WHP / 13-15 Wheel Torque

991 1 Carrera
991.1 Carrera (82mm Only)

2013-2016 Carrera Plenums
16-18 WHP / 14-16 Wheel Torque

991 2 Carrera
991.2 Carrera TT (74mm Only)

Delivering big power and torque gains for this turbo powered Carrera
25+ WHP / 30+ Wheel Torque