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The Carrera Turbos are Coming

We all know that the 2016 Carreras will be boosted. We also know that the IPD Plenums deliver even greater performance with turbo applications. We think it’s fair to “assume” that this will also apply to the brand new Carrera. What we know so far is the Porsche Air Distributor appears to be similar, but slightly different than that found on the current Turbo. What is completely different is the Y-Pipe design. This means it’s back to the R & D department to begin work on the 5th different Turbo Y-Pipe offered by IPD. One of our technical partners will be receiving an early delivery of their new Carrera, which will no doubt coincide with the time that IPD begins the R & D process.

We believe the new Carrera Turbo Plenums will be available this summer with the Y-Pipes arriving in late Summer / early Fall. Until then, here’s 3 minutes of Porsche showing off just how impressive the new liter turbocharged Carrera promises to be.