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Porsche Resurrects the Iconic 911R

911R rotatorIs this just another marketing attempt to capitalize on Porsche’s heritage or does the new 911R deliver the driving experience worthy of the legendary R badge? Well the initial response at first glance has been, “It’s just a manual GT3 without a rear wing”. And although it is true that the new R has a mandatory stick and no rear wing, there is much more to the most expensive Carrera based offering after closer inspection.

In an internet nutshell… The new 911/991R is blessed with the GT3 RS 4.0L 500 HP engine that propels the R to 60 mph is 3.7 seconds with the third pedal on the floor (.6 seconds slower than the PDK equipped GT3 RS). The R is clad with carbon fiber GT3 fenders, hood and deck lid that tip the scales at 3,020 pounds (lighter than a GT3 RS). Minor exterior changes include redesigned front spoiler lip and a rear underbody diffuser that have been specifically designed to enhance handling with the sleek wing-less R. The magnesium RS roof has also been carried over to the R for improved CG and overall weight making the R 110 pounds lighter than the GT3 RS.

The interior of the new 911R features styling accents that are a throwback to the original 1967 R. Tartan cloth seats, retro-modern R styled gauges, pull strap door handles, deleted radio and AC remind you that this Carrera is designed to be a dedicated driving enthusiast machine. And of course an R specific numbered badge ranging from, you guessed it, 001 to 991. Prices are expected to be around $185,000 “if” you can even find the opportunity to purchase this very limited Carrera.

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Here is the official 911R introductory video from Porsche. Make sure your volume is turned up for the intoxicating exhaust soundtrack. Watch Here >>