The Best Bolt on Performance Upgrades for Late Model Porsches

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Porsche Experience Center Slated for Southern California

Porsche-Experience-Center-03 thumbPorsche is scheduled to open a 53 acre world-class test track and handling course in the fall of 2013. The latest Porsche Experience Center (PEC) will be located in Carson, California positioning the PEC right in the center of it's top markets (Los Angeles and Orange County). This will be the fifth Porsche Experience Center in the world, including the original Porsche Experience Center located at the Silverstone Circuit in the UK as well as Centers in Leipzig, Germany, Shanghai, China and Atlanta, Georgia.

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Turbo Mike's 997 GT2

Turbo Mikes 997 GT2 01 clip thumbMike, the owner and man behind IPD, better known as Turbo, could be the most passionate and dedicated Porsche enthusiast in the Porsche community. Mike's constant pursuit of more speed and power is relentless. When he's not busy developing and testing new IPD Plenums he's consumed with his personal Turbo Porsches.

Turbo-Mikes-Air-Cooled-Turbo thumbMike started his Porsche career back in 1999 with the creation of his "Fire Breathing" Frankenstein air-cooler Turbo Porsche that laid down over 850 wheel horsepower at the wheels which is still impressive even by today's standards. Later Mike moved into a 996 Turbo S that developed over 720 HP at the wheels using only bolt-on parts and tuning. But as always Mike needed to be faster if he was going reclaim his "King of the Mountain" status with the local weekend warrior speed demons here in Southern California.

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