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In the Works: 991 S Turbo/S IPD Plenum

997 2 tail smPorsche's latest incarnation of the legendary Turbo continues to raise the proverbial bar of the sports car community once again. The latest 991 Turbo defies the laws of physics by delivering acceleration previously reserved for only the top tiers of the motorsport world. The level of engineering, design and technology invested into the new Porsche Turbo has created an automotive masterpiece that will take your breath away while driving behind the wheel or walking laps around the car while it's parked.

997 2 pic 2 smPorsche's continual and simultaneous quest for improved performance and enhanced efficiency is also taken to new heights with the latest Turbo. Porsche has employed their Expansion Intake Manifolds on the new 991 Turbo. According to Porsche these newly designed manifolds deliver "more power for less fuel". This manifold design is similar to the manifolds found on the 997 GT2.

The good news is that the Air Intake Distributor remains a "T" style design and relatively unchanged from the 997.2 Turbo. This gave us a solid starting point with our R & D process here at IPD. We have our "test mule" 991 Turbo waiting patiently for the prototype Plenum that is currently under development. 997 2 track smAll of the IPD Plenums deliver great proven performance but they work exceptional well with turbo applications and the new 991 Turbo should continue this tradition.

We don't have an official availability dates for the new 991 Turbo Plenum but we will be posting more details and a launch date on our Facebook page as soon as they are available.  If you haven't already, make sure you "Like" our page on Facebook to stay informed of the latest IPD developments.

IPD 997 GT2 faster at Shift S3ctor IV

Turbo Mike and the IPD 997 GT2 improved upon their previous performance at the recent Shift S3ctor Air Strip Attack (Oct 2013) at the Coalinga Airport. Mike improved upon his original top speed run of 181 mph with a 182 mph run. The pass was actually substantially faster considering the organizers of the events shortened the track and speed traps in order to increase the braking zone for improved safety. Although we can't say exactly how much faster we were, we can say that we were more dominant against the competition than at the previous Shift S3ctor event.

The IPD GT2 was the fastest Porsche in attendance. Mike was 4 for 4 in each of his races beating 2 heavily modified 997.1 Turbos as well as a VERY powerful Nissan GTR that had a reputation of beating up on some very fast Porsches.

The IPD 997 GT2 is still running on stock engine internals. All performance mods are "bolt on" parts. The car is still running on 91 octane plus 100% methanol at 26 pounds of boost and was driven over 500 miles to and from the event and not trailered. Click here for a full list of all the mods installed on the IPD 997 GT2.

This was another great time with great competition and great camaraderie. Thanks again to all the guys at Shift S3ctor for putting on such as well run and enjoyable event. Learn more about future Shift S3ctor events at the link below.

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