The Best Bolt on Performance Upgrades for Late Model Porsches

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The past years my 997.1 has been running like clockwork, more eager and better response from the Tiptronic box. A perfect investment! ?

997.1 Carrera

Easy install, has much better torque and a better driving experience.

W. Dingmon
1999 911

Installed on FS1 4.0 stage 2 engines, works great!

M. Davies
2001 and 2003 996

Incredible power and torque when combined with our 3.9L conversion. Could not have achieved our goals for this project without IPD!

D. Weaver
1999 996

My 997 runs so much better and the throttle response has improved dramatically.

S/ LaManns
2006 997

Engine sounds more aggressive, engine response feels more free, not as restrictive. Some horsepower gain but not sure how much. Very happy with my purchase.

E. Mendros
2005 997.1

The IPD plenum was my first upgraded on my 997, haven't looked back!!

B. Hicc
2008 997 C4S

I bored out my engine to a 3.8L and added GT3 components and IPD plenum and made 404 horsepower

C. Smith
1999 996 Carrera

Awesome products! :)

D. Boyd
2007 997.1

Amazing performance!

J. Winnie
2005 997.1